White Flash Moonstone/Emerald Necklace

White Flash Moonstone/Emerald Necklace

    White Moonstone
  • Light Gray Moonstone


White Flash Moonstone is the vitalizing gemstone for the supraphysical aura, that layer of the aura that immediately surrounds the body. In this necklace, White Flash Moonstone is paired with its symbiotic gemstone, which is Emerald.

When White Flash Moonstone is worn without Emerald, its energies are naturally attracted to the supraphysical aura. But the other layers of the aura, wanting some of this vitalizing energy for themselves, draw it away from the supraphysical. Because Emerald has a natural affinity with the physical body, when strung with White Flash Moonstone, it keeps the Moonstone energy close to the physical. The Emerald prevents the Moonstone from being taken away by the other levels of the aura.

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Necklace Information:

  • White Flash Moonstone/Emerald necklaces vary in length
  • 6mm and 10mm White Flash Moonstone spheres available
  • All gemstones are therapeutic-quality*
  • Necklaces come with a button clasp or 14K white gold oval clasp by special order
  • For inquiries regarding custom White Flash Moonstone/Emerald necklaces, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436)
*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
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