DVD #2: The Movements of Gemstone Therapy in the Aura

DVD #2: The Movements of Gemstone Therapy in the Aura


This DVD is the second in a series of the Isabelle Morton Gemstone Therapy Institute Gemstone Therapy Certification Training videos.

"The Movements of Gemstone Therapy in the Aura" provides essential training for the gemstone therapy student. It is also an invaluable resource for the energy worker who is exploring the aura’s universal energy patterns. The aura will invite these movement patterns whether you are applying gemstone necklaces, single spheres, therapy strands, mini-gemandalas, wands, or other types of energy-medicine tools.

"The Movements of Gemstone Therapy in the Aura" teaches:

How to perform 27 of the movements most commonly called for in a gemstone therapy session
The purpose and energetic meaning of these movements.
Parameters and guidelines for performing each movement
How to hold and apply a therapy rod so that you can accurately perform these movements
How to listen to your gemstone therapy client’s higher intelligence as it prompts you to perform these movements.
Which movements signal the beginning and end of a therapy session
Which movements signal and support changes in the direction of chakra vortices for greater health
Which movements to avoid
Plus, witness the movements that occur as Isabelle Morton demonstrates an actual 30-minute gemstone therapy session.
Run time approx. 100 minutes.

(This DVD is not regionally encoded.)